Real Healing – Natural Cancer Treatments

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Healing Cancer – Not Just Fighting It

When you have cancer you don’t just want to fight it, you want to heal it. You don’t just want to take an axe and start chopping until there is nothing left you want to give your body the ability to fight it naturally, after all it was your body who got sick and it is your body who needs to heal it.  When men think that they can control everything that happens to them they are in a delusion. They do not realize that there is something greater out there, we did not create ourselves and we cannot change ourselves.  We cannot make our hairs black or white, we can make them appear that way but in reality they are still the same colour.  We cannot make children that is something that our body does, we just give it what it needs in order to do so. We have to be smart, like we sholdn’t be using sunscreen anymore but instead use carrot seed oil as a natural sunscreen.  It is the same thing with cancer. Why do we get cancer in the first place? It is because we put nasty chemicals, sugar, and other toxic substances in our bodies. If we did not buy things from the food store and instead grew everything that we ate, we would not have nearly as much disease and cancer. So what is the first step? The first step is to remove the cause of cancer. Stop eating chemicals and processed foods, stop eating fast foods and diet sodas, stop eating sugar and other sweets that do not occur in nature. Do you really think that just because it says diet on it that it will not make you fatter? Can that possibly be healthy? We all know that it cannot. We all have seen the video’s of ice bucket for cancer, but if we don’t actually change how we think and what we do, it will never help.

Giving Your Body What It Needs to Heal Cancer

The second part is to give your body what it needs to heal itself. God in his amazing wisdom and grace has made certain plants to contain things that fight our diseases. Vitamin-C for instance is known to kill cancer cells. Baking Soda is another substance that helps to alkalize the body and fight cancer cells as well. We know there are substances that if you use can help your body heal. But chemotherapy and radiation we know are not natural, they kill your body and make it weak. They cause permanent damage and harm you. How can something that harms you heal you? This makes no sense; just think about it, would you walk into a nuclear reactor to get radiation or would you go live in Fukushima or Chernobyl? No, then why would you let a doctor give you radiation? It is the same exact thing. So just because a doctor says to do it you do it? Do you really think they are that much smarter than you? The thing that we really need to do is to heal our bodies with natural cancer treatments like spoken of above and if we do not have the resources to pay for it than we can look to here to help.  A naturopathic cancer society has recently created a  lot of stir because they actually help cancer patients. This is something very serious because how many people die every year of cancer? This is not just from the cancer but they die from the cancer treatments as well. We need to return to health, we need to return to God and we need to stop trusting and listening to any doctor that tells you what to do, and instead think for yourself, and make your own decisions not based on fear but on common sense.

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